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Apollo: Not Your Father's Education

While much of the world fixates on STEM, educators Gregory Wimmer, Wes Ward, and James Grandi are dedicated to teaching humanities creatively. Listen as they describe how their new program invigorates humanities education and empowers students.

The Power of Play

How do we fix childhood bullying? It is not through intervention, but by teaching children to self regulate themselves. Emily Turner shares how games can teach social-emotional skills vital for all contributors of society.


"What does injustice have to do with me?": The challenges of teaching the privileged.

We often forget injustice affects everyone. Teacher Dr. David Nurenburg shares how his upper-class students do not benefit, but are hurt, by societal inequality and their ignorance of it.


Journey to ‘Explorer Mindset’ via Transformational Opportunities for Educators (Episode: “The Ice”)

Educator Kelly McCarthy reflects on her adventures in Greenland and the Arctic and explains how she has incorporated these experiences into her classroom. Speaking about the meaning behind an "explorer mindset," McCarthy tells how it can be harnessed to reinvent education.

Once Upon an App: An Online Dating Fairytale

How does one find love in the digital age? Simon Tam answers this question through his quirky and heartfelt modern-day love story.


Education’s Missing Ingredient is Humanity


From Freestyle SoundCloud Rap to Lessons for the Classroom

Two Roads. One Educator. A Shared Journey.

Dr. Julie Marshall shares the inspiring story of how a liver transplant and unconventional teaching methods allowed her to teach and empower her students in ways she did not think possible.