Dojo Sessions

Sessions are what the Dojo is built around, around an hour each and usually once a month. There is no need to register before coming to a meeting, and you can find the date of each meeting on the News Page. If you would like to join our email list, please go to the contact page. Also, please check out our policy page to see our policy and what you should bring the each meeting. 

Each meeting starts with everyone together. General announcements and any other information relevant to the whole group. We then break into groups based on skill level for the rest of the meeting.


Skill Level

In a usual session, we break into groups based on skill level: beginner, moderate, experienced.


The new members who have no programming experience start with the bebras challenge. After learning the basic ideas behind programming, we start with Scratch, and put the ideas into action. Finally, if time still allows, we start with the basics of Java.


Programmers with moderate experience go straight into Java basics. By the end of the class you will have a basic understanding of Java  and be able to write your own program.


The experienced members will continue to work on what they worked last week. This can range from robotics to a complicated program to many other fun projects.