About Us

The District CoderDojo is the Washington, D.C. branch of CoderDojo, an organization that sponsors volunteer-run clubs to teach young people how to program. Our CoderDojo is operated by experienced local high school students.



Thomas Fratantoni

Thomas has been involved with the Dojo since his freshman year in high school, when he developed a passion for programming. After starting off with Java, he moved on to data science, interning at Children’s National Medical Center, Old Dominion University, and a local tech startup.

Nouriel Leichter

Nouriel, once a student of the Dojo, has now become an exceptional programmer and teacher.

Alexander Manes

Alexander joined the Dojo with the hopes of teaching programming and learning a little himself. Still discovering the world of programming, he uses his Java skills to program Android apps and work with machine vision. He has a background in teamwork and communication through his participation in rowing and open-source projects.

Eliot Melder

A freelance coder who spends his time teaching new concepts, filling in learning gaps, and working on our website. Eliot provides AP Computer Science help at our meetings and is working on an AP track for high school students.




Joseph Kaperst: Joseph started DC’s only CoderDojo to help kids learn programming. Learning programming can be tough - for two years he struggled with the computer science content in his classes. He prevailed and used these experiences to help him craft the perfect mix of teaching methods. The method he uses emphasizes videos, worksheets and discussions. They allow him to cover what would take a teacher three months in about eight Dojo sessions. Away from school and the Dojo, Joseph works with languages such as Java, Python and Swift. He also interns for the National Institute of Health.

Emily Kaperst: Emily is an AP Computer Science student who enjoys teaching the basics of Java. She loves taking technology courses at her school, and enjoy the puzzles involved with Computer Science. One of her main goals within the Dojo is getting more girls involved with coding.